Birdhouse man (Holkmannen) – trailer

A retired carpenter finds two dead chicks in one of the birdhouses in the yard. The roof of his hand crafted birdhouse had cracked after 30 years of wear and tear, and rain had been seeping in. Driven by guilt he starts designing and mass producing "the best birdhouse in the world".

This short documentary premiered at Göteborg International Film Festival in January of 2014, and was broadcast on Swedish national television (SVT) in May of 2014.

Directed and produced by Mattias Olsson, in collaboration with Swedish National Television (SVT) and Swedish Film Institute (SFI).

Bonus material

My father - the protagonist of the film Birdhouse man - was a quite unconventional teacher. Something that got him in trouble at times. This is a chapter that didn't make it into the film, but is still very touching.