Campfire Stories

I think most people would agree that our current way of living isn’t sustainable. And I’m sure my feeling of powerlessness about it is shared with many others. I recycle, eat less meat and think over my options before getting in the car or on a plane. But the never ending stream of news about injustice, war and tiny particles of plastic in the oceans, in the end just makes me shut down. I can’t take in any more of it. Because what could one person really do about it? What could I do to help create a just society? A world that isn’t so lonely? A world where fun and hard work aren’t opposites? Set within an environment that isn’t for sale?

I’ve been shutting down and blocking out the effects of “everyday living” my whole life. Occasionally numbing my bad conscience by donating to help organizations when something really bad happens somewhere. But otherwise pretending that global warming isn’t really happening to me. And telling myself that war is tragic, but occurs elsewhere. Finally it seems I’m waking up from that slumber, and realizing that there actually are things I can do. It’s not business as usual anymore! The old ways of doing things are beginning to crumble. And the time has come for ordinary people, people like me, to find new solutions, to act out a new story, to no longer accept being part of the destructive old story.

“Sounds great, but how, exactly?” you may ask. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t fully know. But I’m beginning to get a sense for it. A feeling of aliveness and “let’s-get-to-work” is rizing within me. Campfire Stories is a platform for that feeling. Every month or so I will post a new film that explores a new angle on how we – how I – can begin to write the next chapter of our collective story.