Image of an activist mind

Meron Estefanos is the host of the radio show "Voices of Eritrean refugees". She has made hundreds of interviews with Eritreans captured by beduin gangs in the Sinai desert. The captives are beaten and tortured in the most terrifying ways imaginable in order to extort ransom money from relatives. Meron's interviews give the refugees a little bit of light in their darkness, and help raise ransom money from the listeners, as well as bringing awareness to the international community about the horrendous situation in the Sinai.

This film was made as an exercise in interviewing technique while I was studying the course "Process Interviewing" at Stockholm Academy of the Dramatic Arts in 2013.

For more information about Meron's work, please look up the film "Sound of torture" by Keren Shaio (for which I was one of the cameramen).