LB Hus

As our dream of moving to the country came to us, and eventually our house was being built, it seemed like a good idea – being a documentary filmmaker and all – to document the whole process. And then it seemed like an equally good idea – running a small business and all – to ask the company that was building the house for us if they wanted to purchase the rights to use that documentation in their marketing. It was a win-win, and I don't think I've ever had a more satisfying "assignment". In the end it turned into three 'vlog episodes', spanning the time from the birth of the idea to the house warming party. A process of about 18 months condensed into three little films.

Chapter 1

A decision has been made: We're leaving the city and moving to the country! We're thinking nature, clean air, starry nights, growing our own veggies, biking around on dirt roads, going for lots of swims in nearby lakes, sleeping with the window open ... You get the picture!

Chapter 2

Things are starting to happen on the ground. The foundation is put in place and we're daydreaming and drawing up plans.

Chapter 3

On October 5th 2015 the construction of our house began. On April 15th 2016 we moved in.