Action now! - a film about Östra Teatern

Östra Teatern is a Swedish theatre company that produces plays about what it's like living with a disability. I followed them during the spring of 2015 when they were touring with the play "Churchill var inte heller klok" (Churchill was out of his mind too). Even after having seen the play probably ten times, certain scenes kept sending chills down my spine. The well-researched text by Gunilla Boëthius, the stark setting (three chairs and a black backdrop) and the strong work by the actors combined to reveal a world that I didn't know existed. Or at least that I hadn't really thought about before. This play left me profoundly changed: it was suddenly all too clear to me that our society completely leaves out anybody "slightly different" or "not-quite-efficient-enough". If you don't produce, you're basically not worth anything! I feel incredibly lucky for the opportunity of seeing this play over and over, and for the chance to be a part of making this film.

If the film makes you want to see the play, you can contact Östra Teatern to find out if it's playing near you anytime soon. You can also arrange for it to be played at a seminar or your school or place of work.


Producer: Mattias Olsson
Director: Mattias Olsson with Ulrika Ragnar Borell, Petter Billengren and Susan Billengren
Director of Photography: Mattias Olsson
Editor: Susan Billengren
Audio/Foley: Boris Laible